World Project #1

Opdateret 25.09.2020

Already e-mailed to Trump and Putin as well as African representatives of the World Bank and the United Nations. 


World Project #1


People struggle worldwide against hurricanes, increasing sea levels, drought, famine etcetera. The atlantic ocean pump weakens consistently. Like Don Quixote fighting the mills. Like Sisyfos rolling the boulder up hill. So we try to protect ourselves.

In Denmark we will have to enlarge and expand our dike systems. We’ve got many vulnerable areals next to increasing water masses that are flooding the harbours, making our west coast erode, buildings vanish into the ocean.

Why not lead nature back in a steady flow towards a future in a better world?


Nature by itself moves in mysterious ways and sometimes, somehow we do not understand. Some may say it’s due to fossil fuels, others may say it’s just nature’s natural move of its own. And some may find peace in their God.

Everybody has an interest in making the world a better place.

Let us jointly act large and long.

Weapon industry, car industry a.o. heavy industries are or will end up in need of finding other ways along with the changing world. World Project #1 will kick start their choices of new directions.

Let us lead fresh, desalted water via pipelines to the deserts so that agriculture rises along with work for the peoples of many needy countries.

Africa, Australia, China, Kalahara, Sonora … But let us begin in Africa, the poorest place on Earth.

Positive effects,

  • Work of all kinds is demanded.
  • Countries are cooperating big time.
  • Sea level normalizes.
  • Big scale salt production (whether salt could be brought back to The Ice Ocean at Greenland scientists and oceanologists will know).
  • Agriculture resurrects, hunger and disease decrease.
  • Win-win


What is needed,

Cooperation on more levels between

World Bank

United Nations


G7 (what about Russia and a return)




Europe incl. UK



Tunesia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Tchad, Ethiopia, Niger, Mali, Mauretania, Morocco, Algier, maybe others

Beduins must learn agriculture. Or contribute to.

Dictators, leaders, governments must agree to let UN lead. UN will calculate necessities and needs of the countries concerned e.g. via parametres as population density, gross national product, unemploiment,

Technology and knowhow



Water and salt


Hardware, software

Research centres

Transportation units (seaways, railways, airways)

It has got to be initiated top-down I think. NGOs will support I'm sure. 

The president of the USA and other leaders of the free world, I think G7, must be gathered

G 20 joins the UN and the World Bank.

Who might think this is not a great project? We can do it.

Norwegian project

Ørkenen kan blive grøn igen

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